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Every member has a secured and editable profile that is the heart of's ability to interact with you. When you join your default settings completely hide your membership with us. In your profile you will be able to modify the way the site behaves and, if you desire, let your fellow members learn more about you. The following is a brief explanation of each section in the Edit Profile area. To go to your profile click here.

"Information About You"
will contain your chosen name and email address:

  • When your membership is created your real name is placed here. We recommend you edit this to a name you want displayed in your posts on the forums. For privacy reasons we discourage your full name and suggest a first name with your middle and last initial. Also a nick name would be fine but remember that these do not have to be unique, so picking a simple common name will probably result in confusing you with others.
  • Your username will always be displayed and is not changeable without starting a new membership.
  • This is also the area where you can update your email address. Most Important: if your email address changes it is important that you update it so that you will continue to receive your membership information and newsletter.
  • Remember to Save your changes.

"E-Mail Notification"
can be set to automatically let you know about subjects of interest to you:

  • If you will be posting to the forum you can have the site email you the replies to your posts. You should check this box under E-mail Notification.
  • There may be some particular topics or subtopics that are of interest to you by all means check these and you will receive messages in these areas, as they are posted. Unless you like a lot of email, we strongly suggest you not choose to have all the topics e-mail you posts, as this might clog up the email server and your mail box.
  • Remember to Save your changes.

"Additonal Personal Information"
will let us know more about you (but only if you want to):

  • If you want you can lurk and even post with no more than your chosen moniker and username shown, however we would love to have some information on you, your horses, and equine experiences. Place the information in the appropriate fields under the "Additional Personal Information" heading.
  • On top of sharing your horse management styles with others it allows for better responses to your questions if we have the background.
  • We hope to build the largest most up-to-date database of equine management styles and experiences in the world.
  • Remember to Save your changes.
We do have a strong privacy policy, for more information.

is a powerful tool that can modify how the site acts towards you:

  • To minimize password hassle, we strongly suggest you check "Remember my username.." and leave unchecked "Clear the cookie..". By doing this the site will recognize you and you will not have to enter your id information to gain access to articles and post messages.
  • For this feature to work you must also enable cookies on your browser
    • In Navigator you will find this section under Edit: Preferences: Advanced. Select Cookies Sent Back to Originating Server.
    • In Explorer you will do this by going into Tools: Options: Security: Set security level to Medium
  • Remember to Save your changes.

As time goes on and you learn about the site, you may want to modify these settings, the link to your profile is on the navigation frame on the left of your screen under Member Services.

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