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New Member, currently your profile settings do not allow anyone to know you are a member until you post a message to the discussion boards. Using the link at the top of this page you can simply log in and begin using Before you begin posting you should consider editing the "Full Name" field in your profile and look at the other options available to you. We also recommend you read this welcoming letter to better understand how Horseadvice works.


Introduction » Site and Page Structure » Security and Privacy » LoggingIn and Your Profile » Posting Etiquette » Thank You!
The Advisor is different things to different people: Some use the existing documents as a equine information resource, we think the best available in the world. Best because we update and add to the site reflecting our new experiences, new research, and requests from you. For some members, The Advisor's interactivity to explore and discuss horse related matters is a daily routine, learning as they contribute to the resource. Especially rewarding is that since 1994 when we started this service we have seen some real online friendships develop.

We hope you find what you are looking for here. You can just go and use the site, it is intuitively organized, but we have a few suggestions of our own. This document will introduce you to the services and feature offered by

Site and Page Structure

Introduction » Site and Page Structure » Security and Privacy » LoggingIn and Your Profile » Posting Etiquette » Thank You!
Think of Horseadvice as a large oak tree. The trunk is the homepage and at the first level it divides into the first main branches. These branches then divide into smaller related branches until you get to the articles or the leaves of the tree. Associated with this leaf are the discussions concerning that article and if you want to carry the analogy to its logical end the discussions are the acorns branching out from the leafs twig.

Let's now examine this page you are on right now as "a typical page layout" whether that page is a limb (menu page that branches further) or a leaf (an article page with associated discussions).

Navigation Frame

On your left is the "Navigation Frame". Place your cursor on a Topic, further subtopics are then displayed. Some of these subtopics will display even further subtopics. Each of the links in the navigation frame takes you to a menu that contains that topics articles and discussions. Because this navigation aid is cached on your computer it instantly allows you to navigate to every other menu page on the site. Since it is available on every page of Horseadvice, you are never more than two clicks away from any article or discussion on the site, one to the menu and one to the particular topic of interest.

Navigation Bar

Now look at the "Navigation Bar" above this welcome message. No matter where you are in The Advisor or how you got there, it is a step-wise map that tells you where in Horseadvice you are. Each step is a link that allows you to back up along the steps in the map. Note how this is different than your "Back Button" that will return you to the last page you visited.

Information Frame

Most important in "this" portion of the page the large window to the right of the navigation frame and under the navigation bar. This is the informational section of the page and will contain one of three types of information:
  1. Topics (Menu) Page: a menu of links to the subtopics related to the topic
  2. Article Page: article on the topic under which are the discussions on the topic and at the bottom is the start new discussion button.
  3. Discussion Page: the intial post and replies along with the "Post to this Discussion" button at the bottom.
Another way to look at the information in Horseadvice is organized like a book with the tables of contents on the home page that leads to chapters and subchapters. Often when looking for information it may be helpful to take it a menu at a time, examing related topics that you might not be aware of. Perhaps the fastest way to find a subject is with the search engine. The short form search engine on every page examines the whole site. However by going to SEARCH on the navigation frame you will find a link to a page that will allow you to perform more involved searches.

Security and Privacy

Introduction » Site and Page Structure » Security and Privacy » LoggingIn and Your Profile » Posting Etiquette » Thank You!


Monetary transactions are carried out by Plug-n-Pay Technologies using 1024 bit encryption and is certified by VeriSign as a RSA secure server. This information is relayed only to your bank and is sent over the internet and is encoded at all times.


We have a strong privacy policy and your default profile settings are set to maximum protection. These default setting make you an invisible member, no one can check to see if you belong until you post a message to the boards. This will then display your fullname from your profile however you can safely edit this to anything you want. and it's associate do not share any information with any other party.

Logging In and Your Profile

Introduction » Site and Page Structure » Security and Privacy » LoggingIn and Your Profile » Posting Etiquette » Thank You!

You log in to Horseadvice by logging in to your profile. The profile page will pop-up. You return to the site by closing the profile page. The site looks a bit differnet for members. Gone are the Visitor Welcome messages and the requests that you join. When you first log in you spend a little time looking at all the features available to you. Here you will be able to modify the way the site behaves and, if you desire, let your fellow members learn more about you.

At the very least we recommend you modify your Full Name to something unique yet easy to pronounce. Because these fields are not checked for uniqueness you don't want to be one of a dozen "Sally's" on the board. A first name with your middle and last name initial for instance. It is your choice. We do have professionals who leave this as their real name for advertising purposes.

We suggest you leave your email address intact as your occasional newsletter, your first renewal notice, and the rare administration message are sent to that email address. Things like when the site will be down for maintenace for instance. Your default profile settings prevent it from being displayed when you post.

Most of the other features are pretty self explanatory. We do highly recommend you allow the board to give you a cookie to remember you or you will be constantly having to log in.

Posting Etiquette

Introduction » Site and Page Structure » Security and Privacy » LoggingIn and Your Profile » Posting Etiquette » Thank You!
One of the biggest chores we have here is moving errant forum posts from inappropriate areas to under the proper heading. First be sure you have read all the appropriate articles and discussions on your interest. And most important you should not post in someone elses discussion a new discussion about your topic. Instead back up one page from the discussion you are in a Start A New Discussion. The button is at the bottom of the list of already existing discussion. This will prevent delays and increase the number of responses you get. In the past we have moved such posts but this has become so time consuming we have begun to delete them. The Staff will thank you!

Thank You!

Introduction » Site and Page Structure » Security and Privacy » LoggingIn and Your Profile » Posting Etiquette » Thank You!
The whole site belongs to you and there are no further charges. Don't forget to bookmark us. Check the Topic "Announcements" when you visit for the current status and changes as we always have something cooking. We have a monthly Tips and Tricks contest in the Care and Training Topics where you can win extensions to your memberships and don't forget you are now entered in this month's drawing for a year's dewormer. Thank you again for supporting The Advisor, we will continue to improve and enlarge your site. You will find more extensive help with these topics and other questions you may have about Horseadvice on the HELP and INFORMATION page.
Robert N. Oglesby DVM
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