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Deworming Schedules for Horses
  by Robert N. Oglesby DVM


Introduction » Parasitologist Recommendation » Basic Program » Heavily Contaminated Pastures » Foals Need Special Consideration » Debilitated Horse » A Fecal Results Form » More Info 

This is a companion article to the Deworming Overview article. In Deworming Overview we cover general principles, important management considerations, testing your horse for parasites, and how to administer a paste to deworm your horse. In this article we have distilled down the information from that article to create effective schedules based on different management situations, pregnancy, and age. If you have questions about these recommendations, or wonder why your favorite dewormer is not listed below, review the Deworming Overview article where the logic of these schedules are discussed, ...more.

This topic contains 5 different deworming programs:
  • Parasitologists Recommendation
  • Program for adult horses where all horses are dewormed together
  • Program for adults which are difficult keepers or situations where horses are on contaminated pastures.
  • Program for Foals
  • Deworming the Debilitated Horse
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