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Discussion on Fetlock joint popping in and out?

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Diane E.
Username: scooter

Post Number: 1230
Registered: 9-2000
Posted on Friday, Aug 17, 2007 - 4:10 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Dr.O. have you ever seen a horse with what seems the fetlock joint pops out of place then back in? Kind of like a double jointed person.

Last year Hank was a little off on his Rt. hind. I thought it was his stifle so just pasture rested him. The offness continued so I figured it was his back hooves bothering him, called the farrier to put hind shoes on. Right before the farrier arrived I was cleaning his hooves. When I picked up the rt. rear his fetlock joint popped VERY loudly and I could feel it move in my hand. He lifted his leg and stretched the fetlock and his offness was gone (I wouldn't call it lame...just off) The farrier arrived and he said he looked fine so we didn't apply the shoes.He was fine the rest of the summer.

Mon. night I was cleaning his hooves again and that huge pop went off again in rt. rear. Fetlock joint moved in my hand, it was so loud it scared me and I jumped. He seemed fine afterwards.

The farrier came Tues. and was trimming his rt. rear and I heard the "pop" farrier jumped and said what the "heck" was that! He also said he felt the fetlock joint move. He said he thought he had broke his fetlock. I heard the pop from where I was standing in front of the horse. Hank has been "off" since his trim in rt.rear. I thought it was his hoof, but after walking him on hard ground, checking heat, pulse and hoof testing, I don't think it is his hoof. This morning when feeding he lifted his his leg and that fetlock let out another huge pop. He is not lame...just not quite right. This isn't like clicking joints and happens rarely, but when it does he seems off. He is also standing with his fetlock cocked on the rt. rear more than usual.
I have been thinking about popping it again but the thought of it scares me
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Diane E.
Username: scooter

Post Number: 1235
Registered: 9-2000
Posted on Saturday, Aug 18, 2007 - 1:30 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I guess i can ans. my own question as far as the "offness". We just had an in. of rain and the temp dropped from 90's to 50's. Needless to say when I let the horses out for their "grass turnout" they were more than explosive...including Hank. He had been walking slowly out since his trimming. The ground is SOFT from the rain and he and Sam galloped, reared, bucked, rolled, and lept thru the air with the greatest of ease....must be his hoof and the soft ground relieved it.

I am still curious about this popping tho, I have never experienced it in other horses. It "popped" loudly this morning again and seems to be doing it more often since his trimming. Thanks
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