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Articles and discussions on the diagnosis and treatment of equine lameness including foot and navicular disease, muscle disease, arthritis, OCD, spine, and back pain, weakness, exercise intolerence, poor performance, and alternative medicine for lameness, written and moderated by an equine veterinarian.

Note this section has 3 different type articles:

1) Topics on the localization and diagnosis of lameness.
2) Topics and articles on lameness organized by anatomical location.
3) Topics on specific types of diseases by the organs and tissues effected.

The first step of figuring out your horses lameness is localizing where the pain comes from. If you are not sure your horse is lame or do not where the lameness is coming from start with the Localizing Lameness article. Once you localize your horse's lameness, check out the article on that specific anatomical area to get a further understanding of the diseases possible in this area and how to differentiate them. Once you know why your horse is lame you should read the specific article on your horse's disease.
Topics on Lameness
  Titles Subtopics Posts Updated
iconFirst Aid for the Lame Horse16 104 Dec 10, 14
iconLocalizing Lameness in the Horse 116 1190 Nov 7, 16
iconThe Interpretation of Radiographs33 309 Mar 23, 19
iconDiseases of the Hoof700 9785 Apr 27, 19
iconDiseases of the Lower Limb378 3271 Feb 24, 19
iconDiseases of the Upper Front Limb70 368 Aug 16, 17
iconDiseases of the Upper Rear Limb227 1593 Jan 29, 18
iconDiseases of the Spine, Back & Pelvis123 1271 Jan 15, 19
iconLeg Swellings68 505 Apr 14, 19
iconWeakness, Exhaustion & Overheating50 352 Sep 1, 14
iconJoint, Bone, Ligament Diseases267 2389 Nov 16, 17
iconMuscle & Tendon Diseases167 1324 Mar 1, 17
iconTreatment Methods103 1699 Mar 29, 18
iconLameness topics not covered above122 1479 Apr 27, 19
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