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Articles and discussions on diseases of the horse's and equine eye and lids written and moderated by an equine veterinarian. Topics are arranged by both clinical signs and specific diseases. If you are having a problem but uncertain of the cause start with the general articles on symptoms. From there you may be able to proceed to a possible cause. Note that inflammed eyes, though common in horses, can occasionally be a sign of serious disease and should be addressed quickly by your veterinarian.
Topics on Eye Diseases
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iconAnatomy and Function of the Equine EyeClick link to access data.
iconCloudy Eyes in Horses15 151 Apr 22, 10
iconInflammed, Tearing Eyes, Swollen Lids41 350 Nov 8, 12
iconCorneal Ulcers, Fungal and Bacterial Keratitis31 240 Jul 3, 16
iconAnterior Uveitis, Recurrent Uveitis, Periodic Opthalmia, and Moonbl...58 477 Jan 24, 16
iconViral & Herpes KeratitisNov 28, 04
iconGlaucoma93 Jul 6, 08
iconCataracts in Horses14 51 Jul 27, 09
iconNight Blindness in Horses18 Nov 6, 11
iconSquamous Cell CarcinomaClick link to access data.
iconTopics on Eye Diseases Not Covered Above 55 485 Jul 20, 17
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