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Large Bowel Displacement in Horses
by Robert N. Oglesby DVM


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Large bowel displacement is a fairly common cause of serious colic in horses. Displacement means the large bowel has moved out of it's normal position and includes:
  • Left dorsal displacement also called renosplenic ligament entrapment
  • Right dorsal displacement of the colon
  • Volvulus or torsion (twisted) colon that varies from a slight twist to completely twisted (>360 degrees)
  • Cranial displacement of the left colon (pelvic flexure)
  • Herniation of the colon into the diaphragm, gastrosplenic ligament, and the mesentary connected to the colon (mesocolin)

The clinical signs of displacement are quite variable sometimes causing a chronic recurring low grade colic and other times starting off with mild signs of pain and progressively worsening. In the case of remarkable displacement the colic begins as severe pain and the horse rapidly degenerates. This article consists of a review of clinical signs, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of these diseases of the large colon.
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