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Inflammed, Tearing, and Swollen Eyes in Horses
  by Robert N. Oglesby DVM


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Signs of irritated eyes are: tearing, eye lids held partially closed, redness, purulent discharge, cloudiness of the cornea, and swollen lids. Depending on the seriousness, one or all of the above signs may be present. A few definitions might help clarify what the doctor is saying. Inflammation of the eye is frequently described by its location:
  • Redness of the sclera, the whites of the eyes, and swelling of the lids is termed conjunctivitis.
  • Inflammation of the cornea results in a reversible cloudiness of the clear portion is called keratitis.
  • Inflammation of the anterior chamber and iris is generally referred to anterior uveitis. Though each is a specific location generally, inflammation of the eye involves two or all these structures.
See: Structures of the Eye for a labeled graphic. By right clicking the link and selecting open is a new window you can use the graphic as you read the article.

There are several conditions that can present as painful eyes and the treatments are different, so it is important that these conditions are examined by a veterinarian whenever the diagnosis and treatment are uncertain. This article addresses the differential diagnosis of inflammed eyes. Also discussed is treatment for trauma and sunlight induced conjunctivitis in Appaloosa, and links to more detailed articles on the various conditions including recurrent or anterior uveitis, fungal keratitis, and glaucoma is provided. Also is a thorough explanation on how to medicate a horse's eye. Cloudiness without signs of inflamation is covered in: Cloudy Eyes in Horses.
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