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Articles and discussions on skin diseases of horses and equines written and moderated by an equine veterinarian. Topics are grouped by similar clinical signs and include the appearance and location of commonly occurring swellings under the skin for diagnostic purposes.
  • Hoof problems are covered in the Lameness topic.
  • Grooming concerns are in the Care topic.
Topics on Skin Diseases, Wounds, and Swellings
  Titles Subtopics Posts Updated
iconOverview of Diagnosis of Skin Diseases in Horses 49 390 Dec 18, 16
iconBumps / Nodules / Warts / Tumors203 1926 Sep 25, 17
iconHair and Coat Problems / Itching / Irritated Skin279 2184 Dec 4, 17
iconSwellings / Localized Infection / Abscesses164 1358 Jun 1, 19
iconWounds / Burns174 2024 Jun 7, 17
iconDiscussions on Skin Diseases not covered by above 56 522 Jun 28, 16
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