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Alternative and Herbal Medications in Horses
  by Robert N. Oglesby DVM


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Articles and forum discussions on Alternative and Herbal Medication. There is very little work in horses on this subject so much of the discussion is based on what is available in the human literature.
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Discussions on Alternative or Herbal Medicatons
  Titles Subtopics Posts Updated
iconHHerbal DeTox Treatment Discontinued-Is Apr 26, 13
iconWell-Horse Antibacterial Resin & Regenerates Tissue16 Nov 26, 12
iconQuercetin As a Preventive Supplement16 Apr 12, 11
iconHomeopathic studyApr 11, 10
iconYohimbineFeb 20, 10
iconValerian root users.... dosage?Feb 1, 10
iconDeglycyrrhizinated licorice for gastric ulcers15 Jan 6, 10
iconVetericyn13 Dec 13, 09
iconBee PollenMay 19, 09
iconBreathe EZ for coughing20 Feb 22, 09
iconHas Anyone Ever Tried Heiro?25 Oct 9, 09
iconWild Yam RootSep 29, 08
iconColloidal SilverAug 28, 08
iconFreeze Dried Stinging NettlesAug 4, 08
iconGlyoxal, treating for the liver, and other urgent questions Jul 25, 08
icon"RED LADY" for MaresSep 30, 08
iconCopper Peptides Feb 26, 08
iconHaarlem Oil10 Nov 16, 07
iconKelp & ArsenicSep 25, 07
iconMagnetic Therapy for Hock InjuryJun 28, 07
icon"Black as Knight"16 Feb 1, 10
iconInput on Vitex/chasteberry for studdy gelding?15 May 30, 08
iconCan you over dose?Nov 22, 06
iconDesmitisOct 24, 06
iconSodium bicarbinate-101 uses? ok for horse?17 Sep 18, 06
iconEvitek (Chasteberry)18 Jul 13, 09
iconSarcoids11 Aug 19, 06
iconEffectiveness of acupuncture in veterinary medicine: systematic rev...Aug 14, 06
iconCause and effectJul 23, 06
iconB-L Solution?25 Jul 14, 06
iconBOSS--Black Oil Sunflower Seeds & PaprikaMay 8, 06
iconAdvanced Protection FormulaApr 20, 06
iconMSM & Yucca withdrawal timesMar 25, 06
iconTENS therapy14 Mar 5, 06
iconMagnetic Therapy RugsJan 30, 06
iconBromelainNov 12, 05
icon"Silver Lining Herbal Equine Supplements"Aug 1, 05
iconPhotonic Therapy66 May 26, 07
iconDMG 2000 powder ?May 14, 05
iconVita Biosa or Animal BiosaApr 24, 05
iconHilton Herbs - RegulateFeb 28, 05
iconMovelat gelDec 24, 04
iconPlatinum Performance10 May 6, 06
iconNONI JuiceAug 14, 05
iconHerpes, EPM .. herbal remedies !!!Jun 14, 04
iconMSMMay 22, 04
iconStem Cell Technology?11 Feb 6, 06
icon Nitric Oxide: An Emerging Miracle MoleculeApr 30, 04
iconLong term effects of feeding Valerian?15 Feb 5, 06
iconMoody MareAug 16, 04
iconIs such a dramatic change possible?15 Dec 1, 03
iconTransfer Factor from 4LifeOct 12, 03
iconMy concern over two supplements that I give my horse.16 Feb 20, 03
iconAspirin/Cosequin/Cough FreeJun 28, 02
iconSupplementsSep 1, 01
iconBleedersSep 3, 07
iconArthritisFeb 12, 01
iconWhat exactly is ichthammol?15 Feb 5, 07
iconMelatoninMar 9, 00
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