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The articles are arranged roughly in the chronological order of events when you breed horses. This topic starts with an article that gives an Overview of Breeding Horses, read and understand this before proceeding to the other articles. If you are having problems getting horses bred, at the bottom of the list is a link to the reproductive problem topic. For information on taking care of the pregnant mare, foaling, and care of the foal, return to the Equine Reproduction Menu and select your topic.
Topics on Horse Breeding & Artificial Insemination
  Titles Subtopics Posts Updated
iconBreeding Patterns in Mares and Stallions41 211 Jul 13, 15
iconCoat Color Genetics36 341 Jun 18, 09
iconPreparing Your Mare for Breeding20 141 Apr 10, 15
iconUterine Culture and Cytology20 61 Aug 8, 15
iconStanding Stallions, Breeding Mares and the LawJul 10, 03
iconStimulating Mares to Cycle Early23 Sep 18, 04
iconHeat Detection, Ovulation Prediction, and Timing Insemination24 97 Apr 26, 11
iconSemen Collection from Stallions Standing on the Ground11 Jan 19, 07
iconArtifical Insemination14 61 Feb 13, 09
iconEmbryo Transfer20 Aug 14, 17
iconPregnancy Diagnosis 28 157 May 16, 09
iconTwinning and Management of Twin Embryos16 77 Mar 15, 10
iconChoosing and Identifying the Sex of Fetuses in HorsesJul 27, 05
iconFoal Heat BreedingJul 21, 11
iconNew Technologies in Equine Reproduction18 Nov 11, 10
iconPregnancy, Foaling, & Neonatal CareClick link to access data.
iconDrugs Used in Reproduction Click link to access data.
iconMare & Stallion InfertilityClick link to access data.
iconBreeding Topics Not Covered by the Above78 548 Jul 12, 16
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