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Our mission is to provide our members the most accurate and practical information available concerning care, husbandry, medicine, training, legal, and business aspects of horses. By combining the latest research with decades of practical horse experience, Horseadvice has created a organized site of over 30,000 documents that will help you make the right decisions. Decisions that effect your horse's health and your pocketbook. We know Horseadvice can make your horse healthier, we already help thousands of horsemen and their horses every day. I hope you will join us and thereby help the Horseadvice grow. Read on about how Horseadvice can specifically improve your horses health while saving you money!

Handling and Care of Horses

If you want to learn more about horse handling and taking care of horses look at what we offer:

1. Horseadvice has hundreds of in-depth articles and thousands of discussions on the basics of horse care.

  • They are written in an easy to understand language and organized by topic.
  • The articles are continuously edited and updated to clarify the important points and remain as current as today?s scientific research.
  • As you learn, these basic articles will link you to increasingly advanced articles taking your learning experience in steps at a speed and to the level you desire.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica says this about Horseadvice, ?Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation, and usability...Congratulations on being a selected member of the Britannica Internet Guide?.

2. We also provide you with a undergraduate university level course on Horse Management, recognized by the North Carolina State University system and taught at UNC Agricultural and Technology School.

  • In this course articles from Horseadvice are reorganized to emphasize the most important aspects of taking care of horses.
  • Parts of these articles have also been used by John Saidla, DVM, while on the faculty at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine for his second-year classes. He wrote us to say, 'Your 'Wellness Program' is the best I have encountered'.

3. You can post questions or information for discussion, and expect a rapid accurate reply.

  • Our information resource does not end with prepublished material.
  • Replies rarely take more than 24 hours on one of the most active, and most polite, equine bulletin board on the Internet.
  • Not only are we very active, with an average of 30 posts every single day, but the board is monitored by Dr. Robert Oglesby, an experienced equine veterinarian, breeder, and trainer.

Solving Problems is designed to solve horse problems!

1. Horseadvice has hundreds of articles and thousands of discussions on diseases, medications, training problems, and even legal problems.

  • Our articles on diseases and training problems are written in a way to help you solve your problem. Well labeled subtopics that tell you how to diagnose a problem, what problems look similar, how to deal with it, and the likely outcome.
  • Our articles are continually updated and edited to contain the best and latest information available anywhere in the world. Unlike other sites we don't publish one article on top of another about a single subject so you are not having to ply through lists of dozens of articles on a single subject with earlier articles presenting out of date and even conflicting information. At the bottom of the articles are summaries of the latest scientific reports on a subject. These are updated as quickly as they are published. Our articles are as up to date as today's veterinary journals.
  • A member Annabel writes us, ?Hello DrO, just to let you know my mare her beautiful old self again. Thank you for this Advisor, it has saved her life (as my vet had never come across this [information] here and he didn?t give her much hope) so thank you once again.?

2. If the article does not answer your question, each article has its own discussion board where members can post and interact to clarify and expand on information about their problem.

  • Almost 20% of The Advisor members are equine professionals lurking around the areas of interest to them so your questions receive prompt responses and every post to this board is monitored daily by Dr. Robert N. Oglesby to be sure information posted there is accurate and to add his views to the discussion.
  • Jill Verlander Reed D.V.M., Associate Scientist Director, University of Florida College of Medicine wrote us, ?Dear Dr. Oglesby, This is simply a note to thank you for your efforts in providing the articles, advice, and discussions offered in the Horseman's Advisor. ... I am a veterinarian - formerly a small animal internist, now a researcher. Thank you for providing this wonderful resource. I hope you find a great deal of satisfaction from doing so, because you certainly are improving the lives of many people, not to mention those of their horses.?

3. Though information is organized and easily found by using the menus and navigation frame, sometimes you have to do a search and we have two powerful search engines.

  • Our main search engine catalogs information from both Horseadvice and the best equine educational and extension sites on the rest of the net.
  • The other engine concentrates solely on the discussions and can provide you with a daily or weekly list of new posts, posts you have made, or posts on any subject.
  • One of our members recently wrote us, ?Just an update to let you know that my horse is much improved....Thank you for the excellent information available on this site. It is far superior to any other source I've tried. Thanks again Sue.?

Barn Management can provide you with the information needed to sucessfully manage horses profitably!

1. Our articles will direct you to least-cost but most-effective solutions.

  • Dr Oglesby is not just an experienced equine veterinarian but runs a breeding station that averages 25 plus horses a day during the breeding season. Over the years he has been responsible for the development and implementation of health care programs for dozens of commenrcial barn. Because of these experiences he is able to better judge a cost-benefit analysis on products and procedures you do every day. For example:
    • Do you use Strongid C or any of the daily deworming products? We can show you how to deworm you horses better and save you thousands of dollars a year.
    • Do you routinely give the Potomac Horse Fever vaccine? Did you know that it has not been shown to be effective at reducing the incidence, severity, or cost of treatment of horses?
    • We have dozens of such examples of how you can save money.

  • Being a enthusiastic rider and raising his own foals also contributes to the information being grounded in not only good science but practical experience. The result is that his articles are founded in the experience of the daily routine of taking care of horses.
  • Sari Robertson writes us, " Dr. O. I just have to say that this site is the BEST thing I have come across in a long time. In the few short weeks I have been a member, I have learned more about horse care than in the forty plus years that I have lived with them. Reading new materials and new posts is the one thing I make time for every day - no matter how crazy my schedule. The cost of membership is absolutely worth every penny and more. I have been recommending it to everyone I know who has horses. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"

Colleagues and Friendship can introduce you to hundreds of new horse folks in a safe, polite atmosphere!

With over 3000 members and more than 30 posts a day there is a lot of chance for interaction between members.

  • We are renown for our polite boards where folks can discuss anything between the merits of the newest horse product to how they manage family, job, and career with there passion for horses. Brooke writes us, " Thank you very much for the feedback. What makes this forum so valuable is that even when one has done the research, as I did, there are often conflicting opinions or questions to which conclusive answers have not been reached. Such, I guess, is the nature of horses. Having the opportunity to pose some of those questions in a forum like this helps me make an informed decision about what will best suit my particular equine characters. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "
  • But we are not all work here as Sharon let us know, " DrO...I laughed nearly till I cried when I read it! ".
  • Susan writes, " I love your site Dr. O! I have gleaned a lot of hope and encouragement as well as good scientific information. Thanks in advance."

2. Our high tech boards can automatically email you posts from areas of interest to you.

  • When you post to a discussion you are listed as a participant and, if you desire, replies to your posts of the discussion can be automatically emailed to you.
  • Select topics and subtopics of interest in your profile, so that any new information added to these areas are emailed to you.
  • The bimonthly newsletters keep you abreast of the most important and interesting information added to both the articles and forums of Horseadvice.

3. Using your profile you can completely protect your privacy, even when you post.

  • There is no need to have your real name published and if you like you can hide your email address and all information about you. At no time does Horseadvice display personal information about you, only the information you want shown is shown.
  • Neither does share any of its member's information with marketers or anyone for that matter. This is an absolute rule of ours.

News and Newsletters provides you with a frequent newsletter!

  • Every few week we email out a newsletter that updates you on the newest in equine research and the very best of the last few weeks postings. These are chosen for their relevance to keeping your horses healthy and for their entertainment value.
  • The research and comments are put in perspective by Dr. Oglesby an experienced equine veterinarian in a manner that is easy to understand and entertaining. You can also see how new ideas and products have worked for our members on the forums.
  • This was a kind word we received recently from our member Ribbons, " Thanks for this web-site. I dropped all my other horsey mags because this one has the best information."

Our References

Yes, this is the place to go for horse information, that you know is accurate while being fun and safe! If you are not absolutely smitten with us, you have not explored the services we offer: a huge horse health resource renown among universities, veterinarians, breeders, and trainers. A resource that never goes out of date. A resource organized like a giant book, one you can search dozens of ways. A resource that you can ask questions and expect prompt accurate replies that are moderated carefully by a experienced equine veterinarian, trainer, and breeder. All for around a dime a day! If this does not interest you are you sure you have horses? We have thousands of recommendations from our regular members but see what other equine health professionals say about out site:

  • Rick LeCouteur BVSc, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM (Neurology), Diplomate ECVN:
    .... The quality of the web site is excellent. Sincerely, Rick LeCouteur.
    Professor of Neurology/Neurosurgery
    Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences
    School of Veterinary Medicine
    University of California
  • Encyclopedia Britannica says this about The Horseman's Advisor: Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation, and usability...Congratulations on being a selected member of the Britannica Internet Guide.
  • John Saidla, DVM, on the faculty at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, uses sections of the program for his second-year classes and says: "Your 'Wellness Program' is the best I have encountered."
  • Dave Libby PhD, Animal Nutritionist at North Carolina A&T University: "A great site, I recommend your advisor/articles as resources for my students."
  • Sara Busch DVM: Thoroughly enjoy your webpage!
    As a former equine practitioner with an intention of getting back into horses I have thoroughly enjoyed your website! It is a wonderful reference for horseowners and veterinarians! I especially apprecicate your journal references. Please keep up the good work!
  • Jill Verlander Reed D.V.M., Associate Scientist Director, Electron Microscopy Core Facility, UF College of Medicine
    Dear Dr. Oglesby, This is simply a note to thank you for your efforts in providing the articles, advice, and discussions offered in the Horseman's Advisor. ... I am a veterinarian - formerly a small animal internist, now a researcher. Thank you for providing this wonderful resource. I hope you find a great deal of satisfaction from doing so, because you certainly are improving the lives of many people, not to mention those of their horses.

Join us today and start taking care of your horses better tomorrow, we promise! Join Us Now!

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