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Robert N. Oglesby DVM

Getting Acquainted

Hello, my name is Dr. Robert N. Oglesby. I am an equine veterinarian in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. My wife, Janette, and I own and operate Stokesdale Veterinary Hospital and Coldwater Horse Farm where we primarily run a Paso-Fino horse breeding operation and haul-in equine veterinary work. We have operated the equine clinic and horse breeding farm since 1985. Janette enjoys training and showing Paso Fino's in western and trail classes. I do have several hobbies: raising my two daughters Robin and Dana, keeping the farm running, some gardening, fishing, horse camping and trail riding, and this internet site you are currently reading about. This is a brief description of the history, purpose, and how the site operates.

The 1980's: The Home Computer Promotes a Equine Health Database

Years ago, I began collecting and cataloging horse information. A library was built of equine veterinary texts, journals and magazines. Using these resources, combined with my experiences, I began to compose articles for horse management courses I taught for our local extension service, 4-H clubs, and regional saddle clubs. Articles on a wide range of topics were written. I also developed an extensive network of equine specialists to rely on when I could not find a fact or needed a second point of view.

There was soon quite a collection of articles. When we computerized the practice, in 1986, these articles were placed in word processing files. This made updating and additions quick and easy. I edited information each month when I reviewed veterinary journals and equine magazines. The files got larger and larger. Besides lectures they were used them as hand-outs for our clients. My staff also used them as references to help clients with questions over the telephone. In 1989 these articles were published and sold in an electronic format on a CD-ROM.

The 1990's: The Internet Provides a Means to Make the Database Widely Available

In the first half of the 90's software became available so that people could dial in over the telephone lines using their standard data modems from their computer directly to your computer. The software allowed access and to post information and questions on the bulletin board. This was called a Bulletin Board and by 1992 the CDROM was placed on-line and through advertising on EQUUS and other magazines, horse folks began dialing in to access articles and post questions so that by the time the internet became well known we had 4 telephone lines that remained fairly busy.

In late 1994, with the help of SpiderByte Communications and a young internet guy the articles were all hand coded into HTML 2.0 and placed on the internet: under the name of The Horseman's Advisor came alive. It was a free information resource for the horseman and rapidly built up to 4500 page accesses a day. Essentially a hobby for me I continued to edit the existing articles and add new articles and menus to expand the coverage of In 1996 we added a Matt Wright bulletin board and continued to grow.

1999: A Hobby Becomes a Business

Horseadvice was taking many hours out of the day everyday and something had to be done. With as many as 60 posts a day to the site keeping the information being provided and exchanged accurate was taking many hours. The size of Horseadvice was becoming unwieldily and difficult to use. Rapid changes in HTML coding, the codes used on the internet for document presentation, was quickly making the simple menu system obsolete. A choice had to be made: shut it down or turn it into a business, so as a pay for membership business model was born.

We tried to find a balance between providing enough information to make a useful resource to non-members but provide value added services to our members to encourage joining. Engaging several different software companies, our servers programmers, and a number of others, we have integrated several different products and Horseadvice was created in the form you see today.

2000 to the Present

We continue to grow and have new members join daily. We see over 1,000 unique visitors who access nearly 10,000 pages of information daily. Some of these members were with us as early as 1996 and continue to post to the bulletin board. The site continues to update and add new information daily from the most prominent veterinary and scientific publication in the world. Information is carefully reviewed prior to updating and once published vetted by dozens of horse owners and professionals who visit that page. Supported solely through membership fees and refusing any advertising, the site remains on a firm financial basis so we can continue to provide the very latest accurate information on horses anywhere in the world.

The Future...

Some of the future enhancements include:
  • More authors to provide a wider range of experiences in the articles.
  • As members and visitors speed of access to the internet grows increasing use of images, movies, and real time discussion groups.
  • Diagnostic paradigms to help members better access problems with their horses.

If you have not joined us yet, please consider doing so. Your membership supports these efforts and in return we promise to give you the most accurate, up to date, understandable information on your horses anywhere in the world.

I Promise you this,
Robert N. Oglesby DVM

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