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We have professional references:

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Encyclopedia Britannica says this about The Horseman's Advisor: Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation, and usability...Congratulations on being a selected member of the Britannica Internet Guide.

John Saidla, DVM, on the faculty at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, uses sections of the program for his second-year classes and says, 'Your 'Wellness Program' is the best I have encountered'.

Dave Libby PhD, Animal Nutritionist at North Carolina A&T University says: "A great site, I recommend your advisor/articles as resources for my students."

Sara Busch DVM: Thoroughly enjoy your webpage!
As a former equine practitioner with an intention of getting back into horses I have thoroughly enjoyed your website! It is a wonderful reference for horseowners and veterinarians! I especially appreciate your journal references. Please keep up the good work!

"Best of the Net" from Jayne Pedigo, Guide for Horses at The Mining Company

And our members highly recommend us:

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One member put it this way:

I just have to say that this site is the BEST thing I have come across in a long time. In the few short weeks I have been a member, I have learned more about horse care than in the forty plus years that I have lived with them. Reading new materials and new posts is the one thing I make time for every day - no matter how crazy my schedule. The cost of membership is absolutely worth every penny and more. I have been recommending it to everyone I know who has horses.

Another member put it to us this way:

Cost: Pennies a day
Where Purchased: Right here
Performance: **** As I came here to look up some data to answer a question on another forum, I realized how much I have come to rely on this site for answers to an immense variety of questions. It's the first place I come and I trust it because I know the medical information is constantly updated. I have always found an answer -- or guidance to finding an answer -- and have gained a bit of a reputation amongst my friends of knowing about such things. I always credit this site, and hope that some of them have chosen to join also.
Quality: ****: First rate. Fast answers from DrO and a vast world of experience from HA members, who answer with tact, competence and compassion.
Value: ****: More than pays for itself, sometimes avoiding a vet call and in preparing me more thoroughly for when I do need my vet in person. Information on this site has increased my confidence in assessing injuries, dealing with illnesses -- even purchasing a truck! I scan new messages daily, even if they do not pertain to my situation at the time.
Thank you DrO and everyone at HA!!

And still more references:

Posted by kim:
I really want to thank you so much for your ear and the board which I am really learning from and enjoying and also your comments and guidance on this thread they were very helpful during the most difficult time I have ever had with a horse and that is saying a lot I have done this on my ranch for 45 years and I thought I had seen it all.

Thanks for the information LL - that really helps.

Posted by Stacy:
...This site continues to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my herd.

Posted by one of our newer members, Julie:
About 5:30pm tonight I got a phone call...went home to check out HA advice on...I wish I had known this the last time he did this it could have saved me a large vet bill...Thanks for all the good advice and a great article Dr. O.... RM

Posted by canderso:
...I love this site, have recommended it to many members and turn to it regularly for advice...

Posted by Corinne in a past discussion on "Flipping Cast Horses":
Today we were leaving for a clinic when we drove by a paddock as my friend noticed that a horse was cast on the fence. She was thrashing and boards had broken. Because I remembered this post and Dr. O's statement...we rolled the horse, quickly stepped away, up she came and she trotted away as the leads came undone then trailing on the ground behind her. It was textbook. She was fine.... Thank-you HA for the wealth of knowledge that I have gained since becoming a member in 2005. Horse Advice continues to be the best money I spend each month as the return on my investment has been priceless. Thanks Dr O and everyone on these boards!

Posted by kristia:
LOL - okay, I will stop being a hypochondriac! Thanks all for helping me to just enjoys horses and stop worrying.

Posted by Susan:
Dr. O, I wish that I had known about this site before ... I do have a call in to my vet and after reading your information I will be better prepared to discuss the issues with him. Thank you.

Chris H:
The info I got was invaluable. Thank you...

Posted by ajudson1:
....HA has saved me money on vet bills and needless worry over minor issues....And every member who shares their experiences with wound care, illness, training issues should also pat themselves on the back!

Posted by Debra:
Again, thank you all for the support. I have friends here who are also supportive and am glad I do. The advice is great here and I will stay on the track I have started.

Posted by Jerre:
Thanks to DrO and everyone who makes this such a warm and helpful place.

Posted by Tamela:
Thanks for the info. I have tried to get everyone I know who has horses to join this site as I can not believe how much info it carries.

Posted by Elizabeth:
DrO, Thanks for your quick response... Thank you so much for your time, your website is a wonderful benefit to the equine community.

Posted by Angie:
...I just wanted to thank you for putting the recommendation out there for .... You've led me to a whole new level of consciousness regarding horsemanship! My horses will be thanking you too. Thanks!!!

Posted by Elizabeth :
Very interesting....I have a lot to learn about horses, and am lucky that Dr. O supports this site, so I have a place to learn it!

Posted by Muffi:
...this Web site is such a blessing to have found! Thanks again for keeping this.

Posted by Zoe:
GREAT article, Dr O, and super illustrations.

Posted by Michelle:
Thank you so much, Dr O. The illustrations are superb. I am going to print them out!

Posted by CarlajA:
...Thanks for helping me see this more clearly.

Posted by Gwen:
You guys are so nice and thoughtful. Thank you ...I wish one of you guys lived in my area!!!!!

Posted by Michelle:
Thank you for your comments. It is all helpful. I need to hear...Thanks.

Posted by Erika L:
I love this site!

Posted by Ilona:
...The response was so marked that the vet asked which website I consulted with! I am sure, Dr. O, that you have a new member...

Posted by Ann:
I love this site.. what a great idea Trotters! I will remember this one ..

From: Bobbi
To: "The Horseman's Advisor"
Thank you so much for ... I found it extremely helpfull in solving an issue I was having with my horse and will gladly reccomend it to my friends

In an email from Donna:
Thanks so much.... I appreciate this web site because it has everything you need to know in one place, plus a forum to ask questions as well. Keep up the good work, and thanks again. Donna

Posted by Mary:
I can't say enough good things about this board! I so appreciate everyone who has replied...

Posted by Cyd:
WOW.....I am in shock over how many responses I received. I read every word of every one of them. You all have turned an uncertain, scared, rider into a determined, cautious, and enlightened 'new' rider...You are all great and I hope I can talk with each of you in the future. Thank you so much. Cyd

Posted by Lynn:
Hello again, ...Y'all have helped so much, I just wanted to drop back in and say thank you for the support, and the links. I feel like I have so much help now...

Posted by felldoc on Tuesday: first thought was, "How will Dolly and I be able to handle such long confinement?" My second thought: check the Horseman's Advisor. Thanks to Dr. O's great articles and all the helpful posts of fellow HA members, my mare has survived the stall rest phase and graduated to rehab under saddle and small paddock turnout. Thank you, everyone.

Posted by Vicki:
Thanks, Dr. O...Thanks for the good information. As a seriously dedicated horse owner and horse lover, I very much value this resource and all of the supporting articles and information. It is the best money that I spend to ensure my horses' welfare and health.

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